In the realm of change management, effective communication and assessment tools are crucial for success. The client, a comprehensive Change Management Office (CMO) service provider, needed a solution to streamline access to change management assessments.


The client required a complete solution that allows CMOs to access various change management assessments efficiently. The goal was to provide a unified platform for viewing and managing these assessments.


We developed a Power Pages Portal using MS Dynamics 365 as the data source. The portal featured a fully customised UI implemented with AngularJS and Bootstrap, and used Liquid programming to access data from the Power Platform Dataverse.


  • Centralised Access: Unified platform for managing change management assessments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enhanced user experience with a customised UI.
  • Efficient Data Management: Streamlined access to data stored in Dynamics 365.

Implementation Steps

  1. Portal Development: Created a Power Pages Portal with customised UI.
  2. Data Integration: Connected the portal to MS Dynamics 365 Dataverse.
  3. Custom UI Implementation: Used AngularJS and Bootstrap for the front-end development.
  4. Data Access: Implemented Liquid programming to access and manage data effectively.
    The implementation of this solution enabled the client to streamline their change
    management processes and improve overall efficiency.