The medical insurance industry demands efficient management of policies and commissions. The client, a provider of Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap), needed a comprehensive solution to manage their billing and commission statements.


The client wanted a complete solution to record all billings and Medigap commission statements. The challenge was to create a system that allows easy viewing, editing, and adding of policies and commissions.


We developed a custom Angular application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Sales. The solution allowed the client to manage Medigap policies, statements, and commissions effectively.


  • Improved Management: Streamlined the management of policies and commissions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provided an intuitive interface for users to interact with the system.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Enabled quick access and management of billing and commission

Implementation Steps

  1. App Development: Created a custom Angular application.
  2. Integration: Connected the app with Microsoft Dynamics Sales.
  3. User Interface: Developed an intuitive UI for managing policies and commissions.
  4. Performance Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure smooth

The custom solution enabled the client to manage their medical insurance operations more efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and user satisfaction.