Extend Your Team

OptimalLogics is one of the most reliable service providers having experts in a wide range of skill sets and a streamlined approach to the whole process of extending your team. The team works exclusively full-time with direct reporting to the client.

We take care of the project reporting and all deliverables, our project reporting and quality assurance help clients to stay updated. We provide recruiting services, administrative support, and resources for the realization of the project.

How can we help

Higher workforce and development costs are making it tough for the IT companies in completing their projects quickly and efficiently.

With our methodology, clients can outsource their talent needs while retaining full management oversight of the project without worrying about the costs of hiring, payroll, and employee management.

By taking accountability and ownership of building your workforce, monitoring performance & delivering results, we empower you to focus on core product growth and business expansion.

Our Methodology


Pre-planning involves identifying a leadership team which can fully understand the scope of any software project and draw up a list of functional or technical roles that are needed.

On-boarding the selected team members

Rely on us to present to you trusted team players who will best meet your needs. But, do not simply accept them. Be certain to have your business and technical leaders interview them.

Develop an efficient communication channel

As your team grows, guide them by continuously improving on governance, management, project execution and communication layers.

Manage your project

Start managing your project by assigning tasks to your dedicated team according to the project scope and requirements after identifying the right combination of project management and time tracking tools.

Let us improve your business!